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High Performing Educator Podcast

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About The High Performing Educator Podcast

The High Performing Educator Podcast was brought to life during the outbreak of COVID-19 to provide you with inspirational stories and practical advice from your colleagues in education.  By tuning in, you will hear the stories and ideas of the world’s brightest and most ambitious educators.  You can expect interviews with Principals, Teachers, Guidance Counsellors, National Student Association, Directors and anybody that works with youth.

Each episode will leave you feeling refreshed and reminded as to why you got into your work in education while providing you with cutting-edge ideas that you can implement with your students.

Since 2020, we have completed over 150 interviews.  In each episode, we break down the beliefs and philosophies of highly effective educators from all over the globe to distill the resources and practices that you can use to improve your practice.  This includes the advice they wish they heard, tangible resources like books and courses, personal routines and much more.

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Show Notes, Links, Transcripts, and Resources for All Episodes

Below are the most recent episodes!  Click on the title to find all the associated show notes, resources, and full transcripts of each episode on the podcast.

All Episodes (Newest to Oldest)

Bridgit Moore – Leadership Teacher and Student Activity Director at Grace Davis High School

Scott Kirkness – Classroom Teacher in the Southeast Cornerstone Public School Division

Kelly Weaver – Director of Student Activities at Iolani School & Founder of Soulvivor808

Aubrey Patterson – 30-Year Teacher, Principal, Superintendent & Founder of Warm Demanders

Alexandra (Allie) Raper – Signature Programs, Senior Specialist at Canadian Cancer Society

Shonna Barth – Principal of Crescent Heights High School

Dulcie Belchior-Demedeiros – Principal of Student Success at the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board

Peter Prochilo – Superintendent of School Effectiveness, SCDSB

Eric Windeler – Founder & Executive Director of Jack.org

Douglas L. Gleddie, Ph.D. – President of Physical and Health Education Canada and Professor at the University of Alberta

Kevin Wendling – Elementary School Principal at Northeastern Catholic District School Board

Paulette Lippert – Experiential Learning Leader for Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board

Michelle Dittmer – President and Co-Founder at Canadian Gap Year Association (Part 2)

Andy Speers – Intermediate teacher at Elora Public School and Co-Creator of Empowerment Day

Brent Mattix – Activities Director for Roseville High School in California

Jerell Maneja – Activities Director for Milpitas High School

Lisa Nichols – Vice Principal on Special Assignment GOAL 2 Office/ School Leadership

Debbie Hawkins – Campus Culture Director at Sunnyside High School in Fresno Unified

Kevin Fochs – Executive Director of Alaska FFA

Terresa Amidei – Activities Director for Desert Ridge Academy

Arielle Ben-Zaken – Clinical Social Worker at CIUSSS

Derek Hill – New York FFA State Director

Christina Raso – Experiential Learning Consultant for Sudbury Catholic School Board

Kelly Karius – Founder of No Such Thing As A Bully

Lynda Burgess – Education Manager with Alberta Education

Tracy Lockwood – Owner of PLAY Education Consulting

Katrin Heim – Innovation Coach with Buffalo Trail Public Schools

Karen O’Brien – Re-Engagement Counsellor

Dr. Adam Browning – Director of Learning Palliser School Division

Lewis Keys – Lead Child & Youth Coordinator California National Guard

Bluefield Leadership Class **Student Interview**

Michael Straile – Assistant Principal Bonnyville Centralized High School

Mark Brown – Assistant Principal and Author

Liat Benzacar – Student Wellness Officer at St. Michael’s College School

Tina McInenly – Cognitive Lead Teacher in Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools

Sarah Hernholm – Educator turned Entrepreneur, Founder of WIT

Julie Hunt Gibbons – Superintendent of Secondary Program & Student Success at Halton District School Board

Ryan Laughlin – Leadership Teacher at Bluefield High School

Cody Huseby – Teacher at Red Deer Catholic Schools

Joyce Sunada – Wellness Speaker, Coach and Facilitator

Natasha Bathgate – Director of Learning and Innovation at West Island College

Katie Lewis-Prieur & Sarah Abrams – Consultants at the Ottawa Catholic School Board

Dr. Kirk Linton – K-9 Principal, EdD in Learning Sciences & Music teacher/trumpet player

Suz Jeffreys – Stress Management Consultant, Tai Chi Instructor & Certified Nutrition Therapist

Dov Shapiro – CEO of ConnectU Program Inc.

Marco LeBlanc – Vice President of the New-Brunswick Student Leadership Association.

Brandi Rai – President of the Alberta School Councils’ Association

Jason Schilling – President of the Alberta Teachers Association

Doug Primrose – Leadership Teacher & President of President of BC Association of Student Activity Advisors

Camille Loken – High School Principal & Executive Coach

Anthony Perrotta – Vice Principal, MEd Student, AQ Instructor & Filmmaker

Chad Ostrowski, Jeff Gargas and Rae Hughart – The Teach Better Team

Lori Wagner – Coordinator of Student Supports

Christopher Antilope – Secondary school teacher with the Halton Catholic District School Board

Martin Tshibwabwa – Resource teacher from grade 9 to 12 at Notre Dame

Tomy Valookaran – Chaplain at St. Mary C.S.S

Jamie Stewart – Teacher and Founder of Elite Basketball Training Academy

Christine Bays – Executive Director at the Unsinkable Organization

Karen Dancy – Parent Council Chair & Parent Engagement Advocate

Jim Rieder B.Ed M.A – Head of Institutes and Strategic Development

Tim Cavey – Founder of Teachers on Fire, 8th-grade teacher and assistant principal

Janessa Nevill and Hailey Babcock – Teachers at Ecole Plamondon School

Jackie Groat – Student Leadership Advisor, Teacher & Basketball Coach

Jennifer Lemieux – Teacher, Guidance Counselor and Student Leadership Advisor

Kristina Willing – 38-year teaching veteran (Lessons Learned)

Tom Yonge – Leadership Teacher and Speaker at Edmonton Public Schools

Chris McCullough – Teacher and Vice-Principal in Red Deer, Alberta

Breanne Oakie – Teacher at Wolf Creek Public Schools

Nadia Irshad – Co-founder of Glarea Elevated Learning and the future of education

Darrell Bergmann – Athletic Director at Boyle Secondary School

Lisa Spencer – Student Success, Gap-Closing and Experiential Learning

Margot Arnold – Entrepreneurship Teacher & Women of the Year Workplace Excellence Award

Alina Deja-Grygierczyk – Founder and Executive Director of Polish Academy of Canada, Educator and Passionate Canadianist

Michael Kelly – Catholic Educator, Coach, World Traveller, Hockey Fan and Student Leadership Advisor

Lara Spiers – Secondary Vice-Principal at Durham Catholic District School Board

Avni Soni – Secondary Science Teacher at Centennial High School

Trevor Small – Drama Teacher at St. Mary C.S.S

Andrew Hall – Chaplaincy Leader at St. Johns College

Cortnie Freeman – Dance Teacher & How to Adjust Virtually

Matteo Cianfrone – OCT, Physical Education Teacher & Soccer Coach

Sarah Daintrey – Teacher, Activities Advisor, Bear Wrestler and Service Education Advocate

Diana Speranza – Catholic Educator & Life Long Learner

Nicholas McCowan – Lenovo’s Visionary Teachers Award Recipient

Karl Mercuri – Social and Emotional Learning Coordinator at The Priory Elementary School

Jade Bilodeau – Former President OSTA-AECO & Student at Western University

Greg Firth – Coach and Department Head of the Career Path Regional Program

Brent Dickson – Leadership & P.E. Teacher at Centennial High School

Michelle Lowey – Teacher Physical Education & Sports Medicine

Ash Baer – Mental Health Advocate and speaker

Ian Howcroft – CEO of Skills Ontario

Katherine Luellen – Executive Dean, Enrollment Management, Interlochen Center for the Arts

Antonio Morra – Leadership Teacher at All Saints Catholic Secondary School

Steve Bristol – Assistant Head of School for Enrollment Management and Strategic Planning

Tania Vincent – Chaplain at St. Michael Catholic Secondary School

Michael Booth – Principal of Blyth Academy’s Yorkville and Orbit Campuses

Ren Lukoni – Teacher and student leadership advisor at L.P. Miller Comprehensive High School

Jason Eduful – Teacher, Basketball Coach, Youth Minister and Mental Health Advocate

Ryan Keliher BA, BEd, MBA, – Teacher, Author, Coach and Teenage Motivator

Mike Anderson – Principal of the Grand River Otters Elementary Remote School (4200 students)

Melanie Headley – Teacher and student council advisor at Bluefield High School

Joanna Severino – CEO and Founder of PrepSkills and the US College Expo

Deb Lawlor – Coordinator, Intermediate/Secondary Student Success OCSB

Christa Ray – Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator at ALCDSB

Nicole Haire – BC Program Head Hayat Universal School Qatar

Julie Champagne – Co-Founder at the English Tutor and Teacher

Paola Di Fonzo – Chaplain All Saints Catholic Secondary School

Dr. Seth Goldsweig – Vice Principal at The Leo Baeck Day School and Ph.D. in Educational Leadership

Catherine Hogan – English teacher and Student Leadership Advisor

Matt Sanders – Experiential Lead Learner at the Lambton Kent District School Board

Daniel Steckley – Physical Education and Leadership Teacher (SJAM)

Abbey Gingerich – Teacher and Student Leadership Advisor (KCI)

Daniel Horgan – CEO and Founder of CoLabl and the Talent Accelerator

Richard Vissers – Director of Admissions at Holy Trinity School

Darrin M Peppard Ed.D – school district superintendent, speaker, author, and leadership consultant

Adrian Del Monte – English Department Head & Leadership Coordinator

Dr. LouAnn Ross – Executive Director of Business Professionals America

Brent McDonald – Superintendent of Education and Information Technology UGDSB

Hugues Bertrand – Social Studies & Leadership Teacher

Brian Dunn – Chaplain at St. Francis Xaiver C.S.S

John Dennison – Student Success Teacher at Corner Brook Regional High

Heather McCaig – President of AASCA & Student Leadership Advisor

Lenora Poulin – English teacher, Librarian and Student Leadership Advisor

Merle Gonsalvez – TCDSB Teacher and Dancer

Chelle Travis – Executive Director of SkillsUSA

Jeff Gerber – Speaker, Teacher, Relationship Advocate

Marc England – Teacher and Leadership Advisor

Maddie Campbell – CSLA Operations Coordinator

Erika Rath – Director of Student Services The Sacred Heart School of Montreal

Bob Kline – Leadership Teacher, Speaker and Advisor of the year (2019)

Angelo Minardi – High Energy Educator, Chaplain and Student Council Advisor

Michelle Dittmer: Founder and CEO of the Gap Year Association

Melissa Wright – New Brunswick Student Leadership Association President

Michael Consul – TCDSB Student Leadership Coordinator & 7 Habits Trainer

Joshua Sable – Student Activity Director at TanenbaumCHAT

Lisa Galay – Experiential Lead Learner at HDSB

Jana Fisher – 2020 SRC Advisor of the Year

Agi Mete – Author and Teacher of over 20 years

Dave Conlon – Program Director for the Canadian Student Leadership Association