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Sarah Daintrey – Teacher & Activities Advisor

Sam: Why do you do the work you do with young people? 

Sarah Daintrey: I want to create better neighbours and community members.

"I don't want to be afraid to live next door to one of my students." – Sarah Daintrey Click To Tweet
Sam: What inspired you to get into this work? 

Sarah Daintrey: My parents instilled a strong sense of service in me. I have MS. I was diagnosed about 4 months after I first started teaching. When I serve other people, I feel empowered. When I help my students serve other people, I feel even more so. Funny how service of others is a selfish thing for me, but I guess it kind of is.

"I feel like if I can inspire 10% of my students to give back and serve others in the future, my impact will be exponential." – Sarah Daintrey Click To Tweet

My students also inspire me to give my time, effort, and engagement to them. The magical part of service for me and them is when we get to work alongside each other towards a common goal. Where you will find me at my happiest is knee-deep in the service of others with students.

Sam: What gives you hope? What do you think is the biggest opportunity in education right now?

Sarah Daintrey: I think service education gives me a ton of hope. It connects service to curriculum and helps gives students the skills they need to succeed in the future.

Service Education is not a fad in education, it's not a trend, it is a necessary piece that all educators need to embrace – Sarah Daintrey Click To Tweet

How cool would it be if we could get service as a part of the competencies, so that every child, from k-12, would have it engrained in them? It wouldn’t be just something they do in an extracurricular club, it was in every class they ever took. Now wouldn’t that be something?

Sam: Share a story about a situation where you witnessed a student transformation due to the impact of a caring educator.

Sarah Daintrey: As a young teacher, I watched Marc England take a young lady under his wing and find her a home. She was living in a tent in the back of our school. She had also tried to harm herself a few times and was hospitalized. He showed her the care, love, and attention that she needed at that time.

She ended up being taken in by a family at our school and has gone on to be a functioning member of society. She even came back and did a professional development question and answer period with our staff, which was amazing. It reminded me that with care, love, and attention any seed can grow into a plant.

Sam: What unique ideas, tools or softwares are you finding very helpful in your practice right now?

Sarah Daintrey: I have just started using Jamboard to help with online idea-sharing. It’s pretty neato. Picmonkey and Rhonna designs help me do a lot of Instagram stuff.

Sam: What is your motivator (or your driver)?

Sarah Daintrey: I think the world needs people to do good things. Doesn’t have to be big, but good things nonetheless.

We are living in tumultuous times and how we combat that is with small, consistent, acts of service and kindness – Sarah Daintrey Click To Tweet

We are not given the guarantee of tomorrow, or next week, or next year. We need to do the kind and good things now. What are we waiting for?

Sam: What advice would you give your younger self when you just got into education?

Sarah Daintrey: Honestly I didn’t have a lot of work/life balance when I was a younger teacher, but I don’t regret a moment. The time spent with students and engaging with service has forever shaped me as an educator. I would I guess cheer myself on, but I had a lot of people doing that already, and I’m not that girl in the first place.

Get in touch with Sarah:

Email: daintrey_s@surreyschools.ca
Twitter: @sdaintrey, @ProjectEqual,
Instagram: @ClaytonStudentCouncil

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